1st Sister Retreat Recap


All together now

Our first (semesterly!) Sister Retreat turned out to be fantastic! Kudos to Emily and Crystal for putting in the hard work planning the retreat. Emily G, Flo, and Sandra– wish you could have made it (but don’t worry, we brought back souvenirs). We debated a lot of great ideas last weekend and should all look forward to implementing our new plans this coming semester. Let’s get excited!

To recap:

Sister meetings every Sunday in LC208 at 3:30pm
Group lunch in Commons every Tuesday
Group dinner in Silliman every Wednesday

Interested in getting to know what Sigma is all about? Feel free to join us at our meals. 🙂 We always welcome the company (and the food).


For those who haven’t registered for spring convention yet, please do so as soon as possible!
Our first rush event is tonight in LC208 at 8:00pm. We’re all looking forward to the ice cream sandwiches…

For the full rush calendar, click here.

And last, but not least… check out some of the pictures from retreat!


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