Rihanna Turns Spotlight on Domestic Violence


We never would have imagined seeing Rihanna a victim of domestic violence. But recent reports of the Chris Brown / Rihanna assault case sharply reminds us that domestic violence affects all communities, regardless of socio economic status, age, religion, race, or occupation.


Perhaps most shocking has been to witness the hesitation in condemning Chris Brown. Despite the clear evidence of abuse provided by pictures of Rihanna‘s beaten and battered face which have inundated media websites, celebrities were quoted as saying “Give the couple their privacy,” “Cut Chris Brown some slack” and “We don’t know what happened so we can’t judge as outsiders.” On websites bloggers went as far as to blame Rihanna: “The girl had it coming for her,” “She’s just as responsible as Brown.”

Certainly, we will never know the details of the escalation and the exact role Rihanna played. But to consider that “she deserved it” should not even enter into dialogue. No one deserves to be abused. Nothing can justify physical violence, and “self-defense” will never be able to explain the bruises.


3 Responses to “Rihanna Turns Spotlight on Domestic Violence”

  1. 1 Esi

    The really sad thing is when people start to say that she faked the whole thing…there have been some people who claim that her injuries don’t look “real enough”…what?

  2. 2 chuenyee

    A lot of surveys of teens say that Rihanna probably “deserved” what she got. I mean, we all have moments where we just want to smack somebody in frustration, but smashing somebody’s head into the side of a car repeatedly, kicking, punching, and destroying personal property a la Chris Brown? Totally inappropriate.

    They are still pretty young, though– and I think this is a good wake-up call for the both of them, in terms of seeing their relationship for what it is, and how they are going to handle themselves in the future.

  3. 3 jubakala

    I have “found” Rihanna just lately but I’m already totally in love with her. She’s so beautiful and her voice is amazing as well. I just hope she would start to use more real instruments on her albums instead of synthesizers and drummachines.


    The Rihanna discography Guy

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