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Established in 1994 on the East Coast, our sistership has since grown to become one of the largest and most distinguished Asian Interest sororities in the nation. While each sister is different and unique, our sorority as a whole is one of strength, entrepreneurship, friendship, unity, professionalism and sisterhood. We recognize the importance of expanding to fit our greater cause as a sisterhood and that is to help, serve and understand communities across the world.


One of the most refreshing and rewarding things about Sigma Psi Zeta is the sistership network. With over 500 sisters and alumnae scattered across the world, Sigma’s national network is an extremely valuable resource, and is always growing and evolving. Whether you’re traveling and need somewhere to stay, looking for personal or professional advice, or job searching, there’s always a sister willing to help you. Our alumane and sisters have proven to be some of our most wonderful mentors and friends.

It’s impossible not to give back to a community that shares so much with all of its members– which is what really keeps the sisterhood going. At risk of sounding a little cliche, it doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re going. Sigma is always there for you.

Crystal Chen, MC09

National Philanthropy

In 1999, the sisters of Sigma Psi Zeta formally adopted our National Philanthropy, to Combat the Violence Against Women. The first Asian Interest sorority to take on this very worthwhile cause, SYZ hopes to bring awareness to our universities and communities at large of this issue. For over four years, Sigma sisters have built a campaign to help those affected by this tragic violence, to educate the community about the nature of this problem, and to empower our sisters to make a lasting commitment to the issue of violence against women.


Sigma Psi Zeta is a national sorority with 21 locations at universities across the country. We are always expanding and growing, from the East Coast to the West. Sigma Psi Zeta at Yale is proud to be part of this wide-spanning network of sisters.

Alpha Chapter [SUNY Albany] est. March 23, 1994
Beta Chapter [SUNY Binghamton] est. January 4, 1995
Gamma Colony [Jamaica, NY] est. January 18, 1997
Delta Chapter [SUNY Buffalo] est. October 3, 1998
Epsilon Colony [Oneonta, NY] est. October 3, 1998
Zeta Colony [New York, NY] est. November 7, 1998
Eta Chapter [City Chapter of Long Island] est. May 20, 2000
Theta Chapter [University of Massachusetts – Amherst] est. November 18, 2000
Iota Chapter [University of Rochester] est. December 1, 2000
Kappa Charter [Virginia Tech] est. January 7, 2001
Lambda Chapter [University of Virginia] est. December 1, 2001
Mu Charter [SUNY Geneseo] est. June 2, 2002
Nu Charter [Drexel University] est. July 13, 2002
Xi Charter [University of Nebraska – Lincoln] est. January 3, 2003
Omicron Chapter [Stanford University] est. January 8, 2004
Pi Charter [George Washington University] est. November 15, 2003
Rho Chapter [University of Washington] est. November 22, 2003
Tau Chapter [University of Maryland – College Park] est. December 6, 2003
Upsilon Chapter [University of Pennsylvania] est. April 18, 2004
Phi Chapter [University of Colorado at Boulder] est. April 25, 2004
Chi Colony [Shippensburg University] est. April 29, 2006
Alpha Alpha Charter [Yale University] est. April 8, 2007
Alpha Beta Charter [Northwestern University] est. May 10, 2008
Alpha Gamma Charter [Villanova University] est. April 9, 2011
Alpha Delta Charter [Rutgers University] est. April 1, 2012
Alpha Epsilon Charter [University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign] est. April 7, 2012

To learn more about Sigma Psi Zeta National’s causes and initiatives, please visit the official sorority website at


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