Spring 2009 Rush


Visit our facebook event or our Google Calendar to add SYZ Spring 2009 Rush to your calendar!

General Information Meeting in LC208 | Thursday, January 29 @ 8pm

So what makes us more special than the 243+ other clubs and organizations vying for your attention? Come for our ice cream sandwiches, and give us 30 minutes of your time. You’ll see there’s so much more to Sigma than what meets the eye.

Cupcake Crafting in the JE Kitchen | Friday, January 30 @ 4pm

Thank goodness it’s Friday– please don’t lock yourself up in Bass. Come join us in the JE Kitchen for cupcakes and decorating fun– eat them right away or take them home to share with suitemates, and get your Friday night started off the right way: sugary and guilt-free.

Dodgeball and Detox in the TD Recreation Room | Saturday, January 31 @ 3pm

A little exercise never hurt anybody. Suffer the bruises and indignity, team up for a chance to throw things at people, and enjoy a smoothie during your time out. We know you’ll want to vent and detox after your bad decisions on Friday night. πŸ˜‰

Card Decorating in WLH 201 | Sunday, February 1 @ 4pm

Start off the month of roses and chocolate by sharing the love with those who need it. We’ll be decorating Valentine’s Day cards for The Connecticut Hospice and welcome every helping hand. Hot chocolate and other heart (and hand!)-warming treats will be served.

GIM & (Bubble) Tea Party in LC103 | Monday, February 2 @ 8pm

Come and hear about Sigma’s philanthropy and what drives us to be who we are, and learn about our projects and upcoming events this semester. You can’t miss the bubble tea prepared by our very own master chef and JE Buttery Manager, Jingying Yang!

Spa Night at 152 Temple St. #6 (across from the Omni) | Tuesday, February 3 @ 7pm

You’re stressed from shopping period, trudging through snow, getting all your classes together, and drowning in a mountain of syllabi. What better way to relax than to indulge with some hot towels, green tea, facials, and manicures? Ahhh…

By Invitation at Blue Pearl | Wednesday, February 4 @ 8:30pm

A chance to munch on strawberries, marshmallows, dipped in sinfully rich chocolate– and it’s all on us. Plus get your last chance to shoot us with all the questions you can think of. Interviews follow the next day in LC204, beginning at 7pm.

We hope to see you there. πŸ™‚


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