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Sigma has many social events scattered throughout the semester, from conventions and rallies, to mixers and parties. Social events are one of the best reasons to join and stay-sisters quickly become a group of friends you can rely on to always have a great time together. Organized Sigma events such as retreats and lock-ins help all the girls to get to know each other outside the bustle of the Yale bubble, while impromptu informal lunches, parties, and late-nights have been some of the most memorable moments. National socials are also a great way to meet sisters from across the country, as well as alumni who can serve as wonderful mentors. Traveling together to national events have also been one of the most fun things we have done: there’s really nothing like a road trip to get close to someone.

Intergreek Life at Yale

While the Greek community at Yale is relatively small in comparison to other schools, this has allowed strong friendships and a deep sense of camaraderie to develop among members. Sororities and fraternities often come together at Yale, with groups holding social events and community service activities with one another. Sigma Psi Zeta has worked with multiple sororities and fraternities on campus, holding mixers and events to support charitable work. Overall, the intergreek life at Yale is a vibrant community comprised of a network of strong members and leaders that support one another in their endeavors.

DESK Soup Kitchen

We volunteer every week at the DESK Soup Kitchen located on Temple Street, helping to prepare and serve meals. Currently we’re working on increasing our involvement so that we can accommodate more volunteers per sessions.

National Bone Marrow Drive

The National Bone Marrow Drive became one of Sigma Psi Zeta’s philanthropic causes when we lost a sister to leukemia. As a part of the effort, our charter has organized a campus-wide bone marrow donor registration every semester. Since spring 2007, we have held the bone marrow drive in conjuction with the semesterly Red Cross Blood Drive. Each time we successfully register 30-40 donors and we have successfully registered over 150 new donors so far. Recruiting donors requires active persuasion on our part since the lack of knowledge about bone marrow transplants and blood-related diseases leave many people apprehensive or unsure about what the procedure entails.

We focus on keeping the registration process fast and easy and also on effectively communicating the whys and hows of bone marrow registration. The fact that one new donor registration could lead to one or more saved lives gives us an amazing feeling each time when we recruit somebody new, and brings us back to the registration tables every semester.

Learn more about why the NBMD is a part of our philanthropy in Our Causes.

Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign

As our national philanthropy, we strive together to combat the violence against women. Education is a large part in our effort to spread awareness of DV issues, and every semester we take on a new project related to DV awareness. In addition to talking with students on campus, handing out purple ribbons, and hosting events during National Domestic Violence Month, we also fundraise for domestic violence shelters and host Take Back the Night.  In striving to keep our initiatives creative and interesting, we continue to spread awareness about this issue in a way that will engage the larger community.

To learn more about Sigma’s official philanthopy, check out Our Causes.

Cultural Activities

As an Asian interest sorority, the sisters of Sigma Psi Zeta host and attend cultural events all around campus. Some of our past events include co-hosting Triad Night with CASA and having cultural dinners with KASY and JASU. One of the best parts of Sigma is that we’re always looking for new ways to get involved with the APA community at Yale, so we’re always doing something new, every year. Whether we’re fundraising at these events, helping to organize them, or just attending them individually, our primary goal is to spread awareness of Asian and Asian American cultures across campus and have fun doing it.

Are you looking for a cosponsor for your next cultural event? We’d love to hear from you! E-mail us at syzyale@gmail.com with your cultural group name and event title in the subject heading.


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