Alpha Class

Emily "xinmae" Chen

Emily is an Economics, Religious Studies double major in Pierson College. She enjoys hoping for better things, spending good times and conversation with loved ones, playing guitar and singing when no one’s around, and elephants. Emily hopes to eventually live and work in the city and be deeply committed to the church and community wherever she is. Emily is currently on a Light Fellowship and is studying Chinese in Beijing.

I wanted to meet and serve a great community of girls that I would usually not get the chance to know.

Katherine "Dovera" ParkKatherine hails from Atlanta, Georgia: home of the best peaches in the world. Katherine enjoys shopping and fashion, rooting for the New York Yankees and taking pictures and making scrapbooks. She has a killer football pass, so watch out. Hoping to step outside of her comfort zone and meet people she wouldn’t have gotten to know, she joined Sigma. As a sister, Katherine is very dedicated to sisterhood and service.

I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and meet people I might not have gotten close to in any other context. Also, I really liked how Sigma mixed in many aspects of other organizations– it’s a cultural, social, and community-service organization all at once.


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