Beta Class

Jingying YangImported from the mainland at age 8, Jingying has incidentally also had that many majors at Yale. She finally settled on Biology this semester. She loves food like a fat kid loves cake. And she loves her Sigma sisters like she loves food (so you know that’s a lot). For Jingying, all roads lead to either the kitchen or to Toad’s. She returns to her home in Maryland periodically to visit her dog, who she named Peach. Jingying is currently working at the International Herald Tribune in Paris, where she also makes it her day job to sample every cheese under the sun.

Wandering into the GIM was the happiest accident of my Yale career because I found a community and a family that I had been missing my whole life as an only child.

Linna DuanLinna is a History of Science, History of Medicine major from Longmeadow, Massachusetts who hopes to pursue a career in medicine and public health. In her spare time, she enjoys planning trips, baking, swimming, eating mouth-numbingly spicy food, and playing with children. As an avid collector of random knowledge and resident Sigma “quizmistress,” Linna is always up for Tuesday night trivia at Anna Liffey’s.

My favorite memory was spending the day in New York with Sigma. From wandering around East Village and Chinatown to delighting in Pinkberry and randomly seeing Tyra Banks (twice!), I had a great time bonding with my sisters.

Sandra HuangSandra (ES ’11) is a psychology major from Los Angeles who often imagines what talking muffins would really say to each other.  She likes coffee, movies, and healthcare.

I wanted to become part of this associate of caring women who enjoy themselves while promoting leadership, philanthropy, and discussion of Asian American heritages.


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