Charter Class

Crystal "Fiona" Chen Hailing from sunny San Diego, California, Crystal is a Morsel who majored in political science. She enjoys adventuring, oolong tea, the smell of new books. After spending a total of a year working (and eating) in China, she has yet to find the perfect eggplant dish in the U.S. Known as the “poster machine,” her pet hobby is designing advertisements and posters for groups on campus. Crystal is currently working in marketing in Hong Kong.

Joining a sorority was the last thing on my mind when I first got to Yale. But the uniqueness of the group– in purpose and composition– really appealed to me. I decided to give it a shot– it ended up being one of the best decisions I made during college.

Esther "firenze" NieEsther is a MB&B major from Dallas, Texas. Esther never recovered from jetlag when she came back from her semester abroad in Australia, and remains a night owl to the fullest degree. Along with 4am snack runs to Gourmet Heaven, Esther enjoys traveling, neurology, sushi, basketball, and feel-good movies. She is currently a medical student at UCLA.

I saw Sigma at Yale as a way to bring together fun, active young women leaders in sharing ideas and experiences, cultures, and close friendships. Looking back, that is exactly what Sigma has done for me.

Tenley "mirai" MochizukiTenley is an anthropology major from San Carlos, California. After studying everything from monkey spit to the Japanese tea ceremony, she decided that she would rather be an impoverished public-interest attorney than an equally destitute primatologist. She enjoys antiquing, chilling with her family, and working on her German, which she hopes to use when she eventually lives in Austria and eats cake all the time. Tenley currently resides in Virginia, where she is attending law school at UVA.

Florence "moxie" KwoA San Francisco native, Florence majored in East Asian Studies and hopes to work in international health policy in the future. At the moment, Flo is continuing her dental studies at Harvard. During her free time, she loves to bake cakes and breads, cook, and run along the beach. Traveling to China in the Spring 2008 opened her eyes to the vast size of the world around her, inspiring her to explore the rest of the planet. She is generally an outgoing and social individual who is passionate about life.

Sigma has been a lifeline to me, allowing me to explore more of what Yale has to offer on campus, as well as develop genuine friendships and a strong sisterhood. I am so thankful for the experiences and leadership skills I have gained through this organization and my hope is that future sisters will learn just as much, if not more from Sigma.

Regina "KatoEri" KimRegina is from Seoul, South Korea and has to travel 16+ hours twice every break to get back home. A psychology and international studies major who plans on studying law after college, her favorite moment of the day is crawling into her electric-blanket-warmed bed for a nap after class. Her hobbies include cooking Korean food, sketching, and watching back-to-back episodes of Friends. She is currently in search of a fun workout routine that will last for more than her usual three-days while balancing a heavy load of reading at Columbia Law School.

Since I knew I’d be going back to Korea at some point, I wanted to make friendships I knew would last after college. Sigma just fell into place.

Molly "missoni" Kim

Born and raised in Burbank, California, Molly immediately fell in love with her Intro Micro seminar professor freshman year–thus making her decision to become an economics major an easy one. She has also used her time in New Haven to nurture her inner-foodie by trying all the Zagat rated restaurants in the area. After studying abroad at Cambridge, she wishes Americans drank as much tea as the English and is still in search of a comparable scone. Molly is currently a consultant in Boston at Bain and Company.

I realized that I would be doing something that I could only do in college– something that was both for a good cause, and a good time. Plus, I never planned on starting a sorority so then I had to do it, because don’t they always say spontaneity is the spice of life?

Emily "tonic" GuhEmily is a MCDB major from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.  Before she heads off to medical school, she plans on teaching science to urban public school teenagers.  In her spare time, she loves playing Ultimate Frisbee (even outside in the snow!).  She maintains a good night’s sleep is essential for her personal happiness (and functionality). At the moment, Emily is doing Teach For America in New York City.

Sun "EntRAntz" LeeSun is a MB&B major in Saybrook College and hails from Vancouver, Washington (not British Columbia!) Along with being a fervent lover of opera and vocal music, she is an oboist who has trekked through the rainforest in search of disease-curing plants. Sun currently works at Yale Medical School.


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