Delta Class

When I first noticed Sigma, I saw an organization dedicated to the community. When I took a closer look, I saw a group of friends, a sisterhood, dedicated to each other. And when I finally stepped into Sigma’s embrace, I looked back and saw memories made, looked ahead and saw memories to be created, and realized this will be one of the best decisions of my life.

When she isn’t splashing through the cold puddles or frozen piles of snow of New Haven in her all-season footwear (flip fprof_jillianlops), Jillian – an Economics major in Calhoun College’s Class of 2012 – enjoys sitting in the sun, decked out in summer apparel, in the “warm” 60 degree weather that the East Coast occasionally brings. Hailing from green Palo Alto, CA, that puts Old Campus to shame, besides obsessing over weather, frolicking with her golden retriever Millie, and listening to and playing music [guitar – she tries – and piano], Jillian loves fencing (its thrill and adrenaline), traveling (exploring new settings, diving into new cultures, and learning new languages), and watching movies (especially foreign films. And action films. And romance. Actually anything, depending on her mood.). She also can’t resist writing long sentences with tons of repetition and hyphens (and parentheses and brackets).

As a freshman, I often wondered what the transition to Yale would be like. After rushing Sigma in the spring I realized that this group of girls would offer me the invaluable support and unconditional friendships that one would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.


A peripatetic with homes in Shenyang, New Jersey, Maryland and more (it’s a long story), Sin is a Chem & Psych double-major in the Trumbull class of 2012, as well as an aspiring physician. Outside of school and lab, Sin enjoys playing guqin, painting, baking, and meeting strangers with intriguing lives. She dreams of winning the lottery and opening a pub-cafe with gorgeously colorful glassware, a seductive bartender under caressingly dim lighting, delicious chips and a subtly engraved wooden sign. Currently, Sin spends most of her time battling a severe yet hopelessly addictive case of senioritis.

prof_ashleyAshley was born in Orlando, Florida but moved to the coastal town of Merritt Island when she was two and has lived there ever since. An American Studies major and pre-vet senior in Jonathan Edwards College, Ashley loves all animals and currently lives off campus with her little, Tiffany, and a Pomeranian named Honey. Ashley enjoys going on unreasonably long bike excursions to places she has never been and running marathons at odd hours of the day. She is excessively thrilled by the Florida Gators and has more Gators paraphernalia than most UF students. Ashley can’t sit still for extended periods of time so can often be found wandering aimlessly in the outdoors without a care in her heart. She loves laughing, writing, and Publix. If you go to any football games, you might see her making a fool of herself attempting to play clarinet in the YPMB.

At first I was really afraid of doing something so out of my comfort zone, but now that I have, I realize how good of a decision it was. The people are amazing– I don’t know what I would have done this semester without them.


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