Gamma Class

Diana "Marchesa" WangDiana is an Economics and East Asian Studies major who is in love with Asian cities. After traveling around China and island-hopping around Southeast Asia last year, she came back with a luggage of clothes she has yet to wear along with memories of beautiful beaches and city skylines. She has an eclectic taste in music and enjoys listening to random songs in languages she doesn’t understand. The things she enjoys most are spas, beaches, and warm weather. Diana is currently studying abroad at the London School of Economics.

Susan "myelle" LiuFrom Toronto, Canada, Susan is a Political Science and Psychology double major who will be working in New York with the Boston Consulting Group upon graduation. Susan loves traveling and has spent her past two summers in Europe and China, becoming a fine connoisseur of beers and designer knock-offs. There is nothing that Susan loves more than early evening jogs or reading the New York Times over a long breakfast. Unfortunately, due to her inability to keep a sane schedule during the school year, neither of those happens very often. Susan’s greatest strengths in life are her determination and self-control. Her greatest weaknesses are shoe sales and anything that can be spilled. Susan is currently working with BCG in New York.

What attracted me most to Sigma and what also made me interested in becoming a Sigma sister was seeing how tightly knit the group is, and how dedicated everyone is to the organization.

Esi "Merelani" Hutchful Esi is in the class of 2012 and is from Herndon, VA. She lives in Timothy Dwight College, the most amazing college of them all. When not moping over homework, Esi enjoys wasting time with friends, watching T.V. (especially LOST, Gossip Girl, The Office, 30 Rock….), facebook stalking,making fun of chick-flicks, sushi escapades, and food adventures in general. She is also that person who talks during movies but hates it when other people do too.

I never thought that I would join a sorority– but once I met the sisters and saw what a sorority could be, I was sold.

Minjung "StErling" Han Minjung is a biology major in Morse College who has her sights set on medical school. Hailing from Seoul, Korea, she enjoys playing oboe, reading, drinking coffee, jogging, dancing, traveling, and exploring places to eat, although not all of them at the same time. (though maybe one day…)


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